Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Do I Find My Style?

My BFD at Dvorine Associates just blogged about how to find the designer that is right for you. I thought I'd delve a little deeper and expand upon how you can find your style. This will help ease the process when deciding on a designer.

Ask yourself some questions~

  • Do I want to surround myself each day with spaces that are minimal or spaces that are layered with furniture drapery and art?
  • What colors or tones are most appealing to me?
  • Am I drawn to textured spaces or ones that are more slick and clean? Am I drawn to textured or smooth elements?
  • What details of the architecture do I feel should be changed to reflect my style?

Bring answers to these basic questions along with any other wish list items you may have to the intial consultation with the design professional. You'll be surprised how more productive that first meeting will be.

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