Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turning 50 This Week

Never stop evolving both personally and professionally.

Fifty years ago today I entered this world.  I can never remember a day that all things of beauty did not permeate my being and continue to shape me.  This beauty that I speak of is the beauty in people and in all ordinary and extraordinary things I come in contact with each day.   The beauty of the love of my mom, dad and family has allowed me to develop into the wife, mom and artist I am today.

I would have to say that the person who has made the most profound impact on my life is my mom.  Although her physical beauty is quite stunning; her inner beauty is unparalleled by anyone I have ever met.  Her ability to love unconditionally, her grace, her capacity to run a household, a business and social volunteer efforts still amazes me today!  It is from this foundation that I have been able to flourish and overcome all obstacles each day.  My greatest creations, of course, are my children; they are like an oil painting that you continue to refine; with each stroke it gets more beautiful and the complete composition is more fully realized. (Thanks to my husband for helping with those creations; it's been a great ride so far!) As for my professional life; the visual and performing arts have been an integral part of my life from my earliest memories. As an adult I intend to continue to explore all of these realms as I embark on new Interior Design Projects, new visual & performing arts projects and new community arts & volunteer efforts...on to the next 50 years!!!!

1961 Felicia's first photo

2011 Felicia's arts volunteer efforts this year in her hometown. "Highlandtown", Baltimore, MD

2010 A commercial interior design project in Baltimore

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